Human Migration:

by Antonio M McCoy

Migration/s of the human species is essential to the survival of the species, if we would have never migrated how could we have ever become as diverse as we are? Diversity equates to survival because the species adapts to different situations, which makes the entire species strong.
I believe that the migrations of  humans on Earth began long ago, probably around 500 million years B.C. The first peoples were probably survivors from Mars and Venus, they escaped from these planets because life was unsuitable there. Today Mars has no life sustainable atmosphere, and Venus has an atmosphere that is over 800 degree in Fahrenheit. Mars probably lost it's atmosphere because of human pollution, that is the same direction that we are heading in now, Venus' case is obviously extreme "Global Warming". Many believe that Venus is a runaway planet from another Solar System, i believe that Venus, two moons around Jupiter (Ganymede and Callisto), a moon around Saturn (Titan), and a Moon around Neptune (Triton), are all runaway planets from another Solar System. These moons or planets all have planetary elements and/or activities similar to Earth's,  these moons (planets) are not occupied now, but they were occupied long ago.

When the Martians and the Venusians (extraterrestrials) arrived on Earth, the conditions on Earth had just become favorable and hospitable for life, their long history on Earth was a steady-decline of their civilization/s. Very few remnants of their existence are present today, but they are present. During their decline our evolution was beginning, it started around 14 million B.C. and lasted until 12 thousand B.C.

During that time period the extraterrestrials witnessed our entire evolutionary process, they  probably influenced our evolution during that process also. That period was also the period when we became diverse (skin pigments, hair textures, etc...), such things would have taken millions of years to achieve, and they did. After our evolution we were able to mate with the extraterrestrials (once we became "Homo Sapient Sapiens"), but this did not happen until around 100 thousand B.C.  The extraterrestrials seemed like giants and gods to us at that time, and i believe that many of the old-earth stories, myths, and folklore's are based on those times.
                                          Genesis 6.4
                                                         In those days, and even later, there were giants on the
                                                         earth who were descendants of human women and the
                                                         heavenly beings.

The flood of Noah finally destroyed the remaining ancestry of the; Martians, the Venusians, our early ancestry of man, and other things that was not allowed to influence our reign on the Earth.
After the flood of Noah our reign on Earth began, God did not want anyone or anything to interfere with it (with the exception of the Gray Aliens, who are overseers) because he wanted us to be judged with no excuses. This is why God announced his laws (the Ten Commandments) after the flood, and not before.

In order for the Earth to have become repopulated after the flood, with the same diversity as before the flood, God had perfectly choose difference races and diverses of people to survive the flood. These people were the family of Noah; he, his wife, his sons, and their wives. They are the ancestors of all the peoples on the Earth today. They started that great migration. People who leave their home towns to live elsewhere in the world are all part of  the migration that diverses the human race, just like the sons of Noah.

The next great (great great) migration will be a migration from this Earth to another planet, in another universe. Because this Earth will be destroyed.

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