The Churches:

by Antonio M McCoy

The people of the Churches (the majority of them) do not believe in Science, they deny various scientific processes, yet their very existence (evolution, genetics, and heredity) are all scientific processes. These are the people who use to (some still do) believe that the Earth was the center of the Universe, when they were proven wrong they still held on to their foolish beliefs. These were the people who did not want to (some still do not) acknowledge the existence of Dinosaurs on Earth (before man), even when the bones/fossiles provided evidence.
These are the people who use words such as Creation and Supernatural to excuse their lack scientific knowledge.

Creationism- it is just a word created by man (the churches) to justify what they do not understand, they took general statements from the bible, blessed them, and told the world that this is exactly the way things happened. They called this creationism.
Example: creationism explains mankind's existence as "Adam", that magically appeared from the ground/dirt in one day. How can a fully grown man just appeared out of no where, if that was true then how come we grow and evolve from; Egg-to-Embryo-to-Infant-to-Adult ? We don't just appear in a day's time. Adams evolution from the dirt took millions of years, the statement in the bible is just a general statement that tells of that evolution.

Supernatural- it is also just a word created by man (of the church) to justify and explain what he does not understand, or choose not to understand. They use this word to hide their lack of scientific knowledge. Everything cannot be explained by science but there are scientific processes for all  things. The word supernatural should be renamed to; "unknown science".
I have a biblical example of an event that people (mostly of the church) believe to be supernatural, it was not supernatural, it was science.
The plagues that God commanded Moses to place upon Egypt were not supernatural, they were science, these same plagues were placed upon the United States also, thousands of years later:

Exodus 7.20 & 21
             all of the water turned into blood. The fish in the river died,
            the Egyptians could not drink from it.------------------The blood was not actually blood,
                                                                                        it was "Red Algae "(phycoerythrin).
              It is mainly found in deep warm Seas and in Rock Pools, when the Undersea Thermal
              Vents heat-up the algae rises to the surface, this very algae is responsible for our
              evolution because we came from Red and Green Algae. Once the algae rises it washes
              to the coast of the Seas, Lakes, Gulfs, Bays, and Rivers, many call this the; "Red Tide".
              Warm undersea currents that flow in the opposite direction can also move this tide.
              The Mediterranean Sea provided the tide for the blood in Egypt's Nile River during the
              plagues in the bible. The Sargasso Sea provided the tide for the Gulf of Mexico in 1996.

Exodus 8.6, 13, &  14
             and the frogs came out and covered the land. and the frogs in the houses, the
             courtyards, and the fields died, the land stank with them.-----The explosion of the frog
             population followed the death of the fish that normally eat their eggs and tadpoles, with
             these particular fish dead nothing could hold the frog population down. The majority of
             fish species are carnivorous and would have eaten many eggs and tadpoles, but once the
             population of tadpoles matured they eat the dead and contaminated fish. The contaminated
             frogs went to land and died in the fields, in houses, and in the courtyards. The dead frogs
             became a food source for the gnats.

Exodus 8.18
             There were gnats every where,---------------Gnats from the family of "Mycetophilidae",
              are fungus gnats, this type of gnat would have eaten dead frogs. The Red Algae
              from the Sea, which killed the Fish, which was eaten by the Tadpoles, which became
             dead Frogs, and were eaten by Gnats.

Exodus 8.24
             The whole land of Egypt was brought to ruin by the flies.---------These particular flies
              were not the common House or Blow Flies we are familiar with, they were "Crane Flies".
              Crane Flies are in the fly (Diptera) family but they are also called; Gnats (from the
              Tipulidae family). Crane Flies live in soil and feed on grasses, they are also found near
              water. The grasses, the soil, and the water would have been contaminated, and both
              types of gnats would have mingled in the contamination.
              In the summer of 1998 Gnats covered the entire Midwestern United States.

Exodus 9.3 & 6
              I will punish you by sending a terrible disease on all your animals-your horses, donkeys,
              camels, cattle, sheep, and goats. All the animals of the Egyptians died,---The animals
              that died were all grazing animals, these types of animals eat grasses, they ate the
              contaminated grasses. While they ate the grasses they ate gnats also, contaminated gnats.
              The remnant/s of the Red Algae formed an association with the Fungi, and the fungi was
              parasitic to the animals. This parasitic fungus caused a disease in the animals:
                 "Salmonella Bacteria"- parasitic to man and animal.
                                  "Staphylococcus Bacteria"- causes parasites in animals and man, causes
                                                                            boils, infects wounds, and causes acute
                                                                            food poisoning.
                  "Clostridium Bacteria"- occurs in the soil and in the gastrointestinal tract of animals and
                                                     man. It causes "Botulism also.
                                   "Botulism"- a toxin that effects the cardiac and respiratory centers of the
                                                    brain, death by heart and lung failure occurs, easily caused by
                                                    consuming raw infected meats.

These diseases would have caused boils on the animals as well as man.
Exodus 9.10
             and they produced boils that became open sores on the people and the animals.

These diseases would have also killed the animals as well as man. The animals died because they ate enough of the infected grasses, the Egyptian "First-Born" died because they ate enough of the infection also.  An ancient Egyptian tradition (could be still a tradition) was that the "First-Born- Male/Son" was allowed to eat a double portion, if they ate a double portion of infected meat, grain and/or plants they would have surely died from the diseases.

Exodus 12.29
             At midnight the lord killed all the first-born sons in egypt.

In November of 1998 the United States had a minor out-break of Salmonella Poisoning, fortunately for today's man and his technologies, he has the means and the awareness to deal with  such diseases. The ancient Egyptians did not.

We also have the ability and the technology to decipher and interpret the bible, it is telling us that God's work is science, not supernatural.

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