by Antonio M McCoy

What is time? The bible say's that it is; "The period between two eternity's".
What does that mean? That means that we were in the first eternity (heaven) before we existed on this Earth (in time), and we will exist in the second eternity (heaven or hell) after our time on Earth. Whether you go to "Heaven" or "Hell" is up to you. Despite what most people might think, hell is not on Earth, hell is a separate dimension that is controlled by heaven, if hell was on Earth then Earth would be within an eternity, and it is not. If time is a period between two eternity's, then why are we here in time? We were placed in time by God, it is a test to see if we are worthy enough to either return to heaven, and if we are unworthy we will go to hell. Some  people believe that everyone has good within them, if that was true then there would not be a hell. I believe that everyone started out good, because they all came from heaven, but that does not mean that they will remain good. God allowed us to choose between good or evil before we were placed in time, many people today act as if they do not know the difference, they blame everything they do that is evil and wrong on; Society, their Parents, or on their up-bringing. Those are all excuses, that might fool mortal man but they will not fool God. These people are not innocent, babies are innocent, they are not. Of course there are lots of incidents where innocence or ignorance will be an excuse for many peoples, such incidents are extremely hard to judge, in these cases only God will know the truth. If a man, woman, or child commits a murder and escapes punishment because they claim that they are innocent or ignorant, they have not really escaped the crime, because God sees the truth. He will act as the Judge, the Jury, and the Executioner in due time. Murder is intentional and deliberate without adequate cause or legitimate reason. If some kills a person in self defense that is not murder, if some kills a person because of greed, lust, Envy, or anger it is murder. In the bible God had Joshua and the Israelites kill all of the Canaanites at Jericho, many people believe that to be murder, that was not. God knew (as only God would) that those same Canaanites were going to do the same to the Israelites when they got the chance. Remember the Canaanites were the descendants of Cain (a type of evil), those types are destine for hell.

Many people who have had "Near Death Experiences" tell of visions of Heaven or Hell, they explain how they travel through a dark tunnel, and at the end of the tunnel there is light. If you were in a space craft traveling through a "Worm Hole" you will probably see a similar thing, i believe those are both experiences of traveling through a "Dimensional Barrier". Heaven is a dimension, but not like the others, it is the 1st dimension, and it is not governed by time. In the bible it's dimensional barrier is called; "the Veil". Heaven is the dimension that oversees all of the others, everything that man has ever done on this Earth was seen by heaven.

Our Dimension and Universe was created by God, many call this creation the "big Bang Theory", where every thing in our Universe expanded from something the size of an atom.
Many people believe that our Universe will reverse it's course, a "Big Crunch", i believe this theory to be true, because this is the end result of many processes within the Universe.

Revelation 6.13 &14
                              The stars fell down to earth, like unripe figs falling from the tree when a
                              strong wind shakes it. The sky disappeared like a scroll being rolled up.

I believe this biblical passage to be a description of the end of our Universe, a Big Crunch.
I believe this process repeats itself over and over, as a Universe dies another is born.
In October 1997 the "Hubbell Telescope" viewed a distance explosion in deep space, this explosion was so large that it was estimated to be trillions of  light-years in diameter. This was the second largest explosion ever known to man, second only to the big bang. It was the second big bang.

Revelation 21.1
                     Then i saw a new heaven and a new earth.
                     The first heaven and the first earth disappeared.
Note; the term; "heaven" refers to Space and the Universe in this particular passage.

There is a controversy over the age of our Universe versus the age of some of the Stars within it, according to the processes that are used to determine the age of Stars and the Universe, there are stars that are older that the Universe it self, how can that be if the stars were created by forces within the universe? The answer is that those particular Stars were created by a "Previous Universe", today's powerful telescopes (like Hubbell) are seeing further than before, they are starting to discover things that explain more and more of our universe and how time works.
In the case of the Stars being older that the Universe (the New Universe/our current Universe), the previous Universe (the one with the older Stars) was overlapped by the new one(ours), the previous Universe was near full expansion, while the new universe(ours) was in it's newly expanding state.
Just prior to the destruction or reversal of a Universe (a Big Crunch), a new one is created, this would explain the older Stars as well as the explosion seen be the Hubbell Telescope. That means that our current Universe is ready for destruction, a Big Crunch.

                                                                                            A Even Newer Universe
                                                                   The New Universe as seen by Hubbell
                           Our Current universe younger that those Stars
Previous Universe with older Stars

I believe that this type of overlapping effect is a constant, it is like the new waves or ripples in water, replacing/overlapping the old ones, this is simply the cycle of life and existence. Like the layers of dirt on the surface of the Earth, there are layer of Universes in time.

This is my "Overlapping Universe Theory".

The cause of a Universes contraction is "Gravity", this force is universal and does eventually work against everything. It may be the weakest interaction but it by far the one with the most dominate force. We age (our bodies deteriorate) because of the constant and prolonged effect/s of gravity, not because of a time passage. All of our working parts were evolved in a gravitational pull, after a while that very same pull wears those parts down. If one could counter the effect/s of gravity, one could slow down the aging process. I believe that various civilizations in the past found out how to do just that, bits of this knowledge was later learned by people from our civilization. Even stories in the bible show evidence of this, as they spoke of peoples who lived for 500 years or more. Many people in science today believe that you can stop the "Spin of Gravity" (stop the spin of sub atomic particles) with "Harmonics and Resonance". I believe they have the knowledge to do it, but they lack the power, such a power source can only be supplied by the Earth itself. We are taking about the kind of power required to lift a 200 ton solid granite stone, 400 feet into the air, and place it with precision. This is how the worlds Great Pyramids, Mega Liths, and other Sites were built. We are missing one key tool needed to achieve such feats, that is the "Giant Quartz Crystals", they will be required to multiply and deflect particular Earth Energies, energies from the "Earth's Lines of Force".
With such knowledge and power we could produce 35 to 50 percent more food around the globe, we could live to be 300 to 500 years old, we could power our homes and vehicles for free, and we could travel to distant planets in an instant. Unfortunately for us this type of knowledge and power was taken away from man (of this planet) long ago, because he abused it, just like he has abused everything else.

I believe that various civilizations on this planet (as well as on other planets) evolved to a state where they destroyed themselves (they invited God's destruction). Fossil records and other artifacts have proven that Earth has suffered a series of "Extinction Periods". There has been particular artifacts of extraterrestrial origin recovered from beneath "Pre Cambrian Rock Strata",  these things were obviously left by a race/civilization of people with technologies far beyond our. Their technology was so advanced that it took hundreds of millions of  years for it to decline. I believe these periods show an overall decline of an Extraterrestrial civilization that migrated to Earth,  from Mars and Venus (there extinctions/decline period was from 500 Million B.C. to 12 Thousand B.C.), as well as our own extinctions (12-11 and 5-4 thousand B.C.).
These are not total extinction's because there are always survivors. The survivors from the "Flood of Noah" was Noah and his family, the survivors from the destruction of the Atlantis were the builders of Earth's Great Pyramids and other unexplained structurese (the ones around 12,000 years old). Who knows how many civilizations before that? The survivors of our current civilization will be "God's Chosen People" (just like always), they will be rescued by extraterrestrials and taken to the New Universe, the New Dimension, and the New Time.

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