by Antonio M McCoy

The "Magnetic Field" is what gives "Matter" it's form/s, it is the force that joins "Atoms" together into "Mass", not the "Subatomic Particles" of atoms but the atoms themselves.
This magnetic force/s hold/s the Planets around the Sun and the Moons around the Planets, it is a force between two objects, one which is stronger and the other which is weaker. It is like the "Opposite Poles" of two different magnets.

"Electrons" (the movement of electrons) create the magnetism/magnetic field, the attraction between two or more atoms are caused by them. The key to all matter, mass, gravity, and magnetism is the electron, if you stop the spin and/or orbit of the electron/s, you could create:
"Anti Matter" and/or "Anti Gravity/Magnetism".
                                                  It would depend on if spin and/or orbit will have to be stopped.

We cannot currently achieve "Light-Speed" because mass cannot achieve it, so we cannot achieve it in the form or state of mass that we are in, but if our mass was to change to light we could travel as light. All energy (light, mass, electricity, etc...) has the same origin, if they have a common origin then they should be able to interact with each other, or manipulate each other.  A force that could manipulate mass and light could allow us to achieve light-speed. We could manipulate our (or a special craft or ships) matter, convert it into light, move it as light, and return it to it's matter state. To expand the theory further, light can be bent, directed, and manipulated itself. I believe that this is exactly what particular extraterrestrial forces/peoples are achieving.
There has been many reports (U.F.O. Sightings) that stated that; the craft or ship changed shape,
it turned into light, and disappeared. I believe this to be the manipulation of mass and light.

Many scientist believe that if you suppress or manipulate the magnetic field (which Surrounds the electric field) you will be able to manipulate the electric field.
The importance of this is to control the electrons, because we live in an "Electron Universe".

The bottom line is that everything is from the same source, it is unified.

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